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  • Machines' Videos ----Keep Updating from time to time

    Machines' NameYoutube LinkAutomatic 14Head Salad Weigher pack machine Lifter and Dumper Pre-made Ba

  • 6pcs 14Head weigher to Argentina

    Depart to Argentina。 Long trip, but enjoy it, 14 Head Weigher。 Your partner Helen is planning a summer travel。 whatsapp +8618125735648 www。ssrmachine。com

  • Don't worry about spare parts of vertical packing machine and Multihead scale any more

    Chinese packing machines and Multihead Scales have a good price and performance, but you may not order them, because you always worry about the spare parts and service? Don't worry about it any more. Our spare parts and technicians are one line 24hours everyday. For more, please contact me by what



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