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Full automatic Weight Packing machine

This packing line is a good solution for packing loose, fragile solid material with high speed.
Compact design, less space
Low cost, high value.
Easy to install and operate

  • S10P420.1
  • SSR
  • China
  • snack foods, nuts, bolts, etc
  • Multihead weigher
Model S10P420.1
Weighing hopper 10head 1.0L or less
Weighing range Min。l0g, Max。l000g
Max film width 420mm
Packing size W 60-200mm;L 60-210mm;
Packing speed 5-60bags/min
Compress air O.65Mpa, O.6m 3 /min
Power supply 220V, 50Hz, 5KW
Dimension 1450xl050x2400mm
Net weight 500kgs

S10P420 Full automatic Weight Packing machine sample S10P420 Full automatic Weight Packing machine detail


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