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Electronic Scale Automatic Weighing Packaging line with auto loader

With Multihead Weigher, it can pack dry fruits, grains, pulses, seeds, Snack chips, peanuts, Cut vegetables, Spices, Biscuits, Coffee, Confectionery, Cereals, Mozzarella, Pasta, Fish, Frozen foods and Non Foods, etc.

With different packing machine, the finished bags' size range will be different too. Please choose the right model according to your products and cost budget.

  • SP1
  • SSR
  • China
  • snack foods, nuts, bolts, etc
  • Multihead scale
Assembled parts:
1.  Bucket Elevated Conveyor with Vibrating Feeder
     ( SUS 304 machines, different elvated height is available.)
2.  Working Platform
     (SUS304 or Mild Steel)
3.  Multihead Weigher 
     ( IP64, IP65, many models to fit different products)
4.. Vertical Packing machine
     (Choose right model according products' feature, bag shape and bag sizes)
5.  Output Conveyor


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